Why use a project management app while building your own house?

Admin, 26. 10. 2022

Are you building a house with a company or are you self builder? Is it suddenly too much to keep track of? Do you have all the pictures, invoices, supporting documents and floor plans stored in different places and have no overview of it, then Imposio will help you!

Everything that happens on the construction site should be recorded in the app, that’s our recommendation. It’s important to have everything related to your construction project in one place.

Why should you use a project management app for your next construction project?

We recommend keeping a construction diary for the client’s and contractor’s own protection.
It’s important to use the app because it’s often the only place that can help identify the causes in the future and past of any shortcomings that occur during the construction process.
There are several ways to keep a construction diary, either on a piece of paper or via a smart app.

Although the law does not specify exactly what the construction diary should look like, we recommend using the Imposio app, which has broad functionality and many benefits.
In practice, your construction diary will contain all the information about the progress of the construction and its supervision at the end. For each task, it is therefore necessary to name the person responsible, make photo documentation and upload the necessary documents, such as plans. But thanks to Imposio’s electronic project management app, you can also record in your notes how many people were on site that day, what the weather was like, etc. It’s especially important to record all defects, plan their correction and document it in detail. All this, from the preparatory work to the completion of the construction, you can manage via our app. You save time, it’s convenient because you always have the app on your phone.

Still thinking about the outdated writing in a notebook? An electronic construction journal has more advantages than you think.
Words like efficiency and practicality move the world. That’s why the electronic project management app is the best choice. It speeds up collaboration because you can set it up anywhere, anytime. You can share the information with the construction manager, the construction expert and all authorised persons at once, you can add picture documentation conveniently and with almost one click, communicate with the relevant persons, point out defects, manage the budget and have an overview of everything, including the weather.

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