Who is behind imposio?

Hey there! I’m Daniel Gadus, a Danish freelancer and founder. I made Imposio with a great passion for user experience and customer satisfaction. Me and my great team working hard to develop app which give you great  overview of  your construction projects.

Why Imposio exist?

I worked as a construction freelancer for several years and i have seen that there is missing a platform for people to document and progres of renovation and building of their houses .


The turning point came when I found out on my own experience what the complexity is building a family house


In 2019/2020 i was self building my own house and i had problem with budget, huge amount of papers, invoices, documetation of pictures, dokumetation of fajls, deadlines, finding suppliers and construction companies, endless phone calls, etc.

I remember like today, how tired I was of the mess around. So in the end of 2020 I decided to to develop digital prlatform for this cases. Hura, in spring of 2021 me and my team develop first version of Imposio App 🙂

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