Imposio PRO – (Annual subscription for 2023 – EarlyBird discount)


You’re not building until next year? It’s okay. You need the Imposio electronic construction diary today.

The fully functional beta version of Imposio offers all the important features you expect from an electronic construction diary. Clear scheduling, easy task planning, budget management, efficient communication, quick work with uploaded files, detailed photo documentation. But the biggest advantage is that you can get it for the whole next year at a significant discount before the official launch.

In practice, this means that until the end of the year, the app is running for free for you. However, if you decide to subscribe to the magazine for 2023 now, you’ll get it at an unbeatable 75% discount.

Thanks to the Early Bird discount, you can get the 2023 e-construction diary with all updates today for a whopping €133. Attention. Valid only until the official launch, i.e. until the end of 2022. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. You can invest the money you save in building your dream home, which will grow right before your eyes thanks to Imposio.