What Imposio can do in reality, or a complete list of features

Keep track of what’s happening in your dream home with Imposioso’s electronic building management app.
You can easily plan what, when and how, control your expenses and budget management, communicate quickly and efficiently, and share everything that needs to be shared. In addition, you also have the opportunity to chat with construction managers, construction experts or craftsmen and thereby work together on troubleshooting and improvements in connection with your construction process.


1. Creating your project

It all starts with creating a project for your dream home.

Create a new project and name it, e.g. The dream house. Set a start and end date, create a budget, enter the address, enter the project phase and optionally describe your house.
Every construction project has several phases. For example: the preliminary phase, signing the contract, the construction process and taking over the house. With Imposioso’s app, you can control each phase easily and simply.

In the project details, you can add all the necessary drawings and floor plans that belong to your new house. Among other things. divide them into different categories, create separate rooms (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom), etc. Start by keeping a clear overview of everything from the beginning, and when you tackle several tasks at once, you will thank yourself for having order in your documents from the start.

Keep track of everything from the start-up to the transfer of the house.
Remember to add your construction manager, construction experts and possibly other builders or craftsmen to the app so that all parties can see the project details and phases. 
Communicate via the app and make everything simpler and clearer.


byggeprojekt Opret projekt opret ny byggeprojekt og styr den via imposio appen

2. Timeline with all your activities

There is a great advantage in being able to see all activities in a specific time sequence, as it gives you an overview of the activities.

You have 3 display options: Week, timeline and month. Each point of view is specific. You can easily and quickly switch between them, depending on which view suits you best at the moment.
You can quickly create a new task, upload documents and photos, edit your budget, etc.
This gives you a detailed overview of your project, even if it is a turnkey house or self-build. In this overview, you also have immediate access to the current weather and the weather forecast for the next few days, so you have the opportunity to plan according to the weather.

The advantage of Imposio’s construction diary is that you have full control over the timeline. Only you decide how visible the individual posts should be. You decide what should be visible to everyone on your timeline, what the construction manager should have access to, and what should be visible to e.g. craftsmen. So you have the option of keeping individual projects private, but you also have the option of sharing all the projects. 

byggeriets faser   Bygeforløb tidslinje    Tidslinje med alle dine aktiviteter

3. Create schedules and tasks

With this module, you can create schedules for various activities and phases in your construction process.
You can create a new task/activity in your schedule by pressing the plus icon in the right corner. Here you can choose the time, role and add contracts. You can share your schedule by tapping the share icon. You can decide yourself how many days you share.

Planning is hugely important when building a house, as you ultimately save time and money by efficiently organizing the work and the individual projects. The app is currently only available in beta, but it is fully functional. In 2023, there will be an improvement that will make it possible to share your schedule. You can choose whether you want to share the entire schedule or just a selected period.


Styr tidsplaner og opgaver   projektstyring byggeri   Styringsværktøjer funktioner for din byggeproces

4. Budget (budget items, expenses and annexes)

In this module you can manage your budget. Among other things, you can create a budget item, expense or upload an attachment/budget item with an associated contact. You can create budgets from our template, which helps you if you need to plan your finances.
If you build your house through a building construction company, you have less need for the budget function compared to when you are a self-builder. However, the budget function can also be used for expenses that are not included in your contract with the building company. It may possibly be expenses such as: garden, pavers, shed and other small expenses. This makes it possible to keep an overview of how much money can be used and what must be set aside for the individual projects.

In practice, it is important that you can continuously add all expenses and attachments/invoices from your construction process. You can sort your budgets by alphabetical order, last modified, or size. You can publish the budget and share them with your contacts. While you create your budgets, they are private and thus only visible to you and people who have been created as co-owners. People who are readers or editors cannot see your budgets until you make them public. 

Budget (budgetpost, udgift, bilag)   nybyggeri budget   byggebudget

5. Uploading of images, documents and floor plans

In this module you can save and organize your files from your construction process, so that you can continuously upload all images/documents and other files from the construction. You can create “tags” and then sort and share the images with your contacts or subcontractors. You can see when and who uploaded a photo. The photos can be shared with your contacts, so every time you come and visit the construction site, you or the construction expert can take a photo that can be uploaded.

You decide which images/files are visible to your construction manager or construction experts. By default, any images you upload are hidden from people with access such as “read only” and “editors”. The person who is a co-owner, typically your partner, can see all the photos. If you want to show your photos, you can make them public so that all your contacts can see them. 

You can of course also see the tasks on the timeline and edit each individual task separately. You can add notes, upload images, assign a task to specific people in a voice message, explain to them how you envision the task to be completed, etc.
It is important to make ongoing comments on the project. As mentioned several times, it is most important to have effective communication, clear assignment of the task, quick response, accuracy of tasks and the like. Some tasks will be repeated during the construction of the project, so you can also set this function. Notifications such as a deadline for completing a task approaching or that the task has been completed are a matter of course. You can immediately check it, comment, add additional information or mark it as complete.

Upload af billeder, dokumenter og plantegninger      

6. Documentation of construction fails

Construction errors do not escape anyone who has had a house built with standard house companies or as a self-builder. It belongs to the construction process, but thanks to Imposio, it is possible to eliminate them to a minimum.

Through the Imposio application you can check the quality of all works. When you create a task, you have the option to mark it not only as completed, but also as an error. Then add notes and document the fail with the pictures. Draw and describe the fail and what you want to change.

A detailed elaboration of the error will help whoever is responsible for the error to remedy the deficiencies as soon as possible. Therefore, describe the deficiency clearly and comprehensibly. If you don’t know how to formulate your thoughts into text, or if writing is too long for you, don’t worry at all. You can also record a voice message and send it to the person in charge.

Then set a deadline for when the bug needs to be fixed and when you expect it to be fixed. Mark the priority of the task. Share it or assign it to the specific person. Once assigned, the person involved, such as a painter, will receive a link with information about the error and a link to Imposio. This makes communication fast and efficient.

When the error has been corrected, you can close and archive the task.


kvalitetssikring byggeri skabelon   fejl og mangler i byggeriet   Dokumentation af byggeriet fejl

7. Contact details of the subcontractors

It’s a good idea to write down all the contact information for tradesmen and suppliers who have worked with you, because you never know when you’ll need them again.

Create a contact, assign him a role in the project, for example carpenter, electrician, architect, designer, construction manager, craftsman, etc. Add a phone number, email address and postal address. You can make contacts public so others can see them, or keep them private.
You can upload contracts for each contact, so it is clear what and how much your supplier has to make. Upload all important documents to keep everything neatly in one place.

When you build the house, your partner can easily and quickly become a co-owner in the app, so that your partner can follow along with you and your joint construction project.


styr på byggeri underleverandører    Kontaktoplysninger på underleverandørerne   Kontaktoplysninger ved byggeri

8. Add tasks, checklists and notes

In Imposio it is easy to create tasks/assignments and notes with different priorities.
Creating tasks is the most used function in the electronic construction diary. Tasks are primarily private, but you can also make them public. It is entirely up to you.
You can assign the task a priority, a due date, who will do it, etc. Then set a reminder so you don’t forget anything.
The advantage of this module is that you can add notes but also record sound, which saves time and makes work more efficient.

Tilføj noter ved byggeforløb   Tilføj tasks, tjeklister og noter   opgaver unde byggeriet


9. See the weather directly in the app

In the construction diary, you can also see the weather forecast for the coming week.
When you click on the small weather icon, you get a detailed weather forecast. This feature is very useful when scheduling tasks. With it, you can ensure that you do not plan your outdoor work on a rainy day.

Se vejret direkte i appen   vejret ved byggeri

10. Search and filter between all the files

You can easily and quickly search and sort your files in Imposio.
You can search your files according to different criteria. You can sort all uploaded files, e.g. depending on whether they are images or documents. You can filter by predefined tags, called labels, to keep everything organized. If you forget to fill in a tag when uploading a file, nothing happens. Afterwards, you can also add a tag to several photos at once. It saves a lot of time.
You can sort the files further, e.g. by date added, alphabetically, by file size or by author.

Søg og filtre mellem alle filerne   Søg og filtre funktion i imposio appen   tilføje tag til flere billeder én gang

11. Chat function

The chat function speeds up communication. It is also possible to create a group chat.
With the chat module you can send text messages, pictures, videos or record audio messages. It is therefore also a great advantage that you can see whether the message has been read and whether the person you need to communicate with is currently online. You can see the person’s recent activity. Basically, the Imposio app gives you a fully functional chat that you are used to on the social network.

If the person you need to contact is offline, you can send a notification to that person via email. You decide whether you want to send a notification or not, but you have the option. When the person receives the email and clicks in, the person comes directly into the app to reply.

Chat med dine underleverandører ved byggeforløb   Chat funktion