Construction diaries in paper form are a thing of the past

Admin, 04. 11. 2022

Construction diaries in paper form are a thing of the past. Imposio app is the future.

In the past, every building had a battered notebook in which the construction manager kept a construction diary. Soon, everyone who dreams of a new home will have the Imposio app on their mobile phone, which will bring them one step closer to making their dreams come true.

Long and impractical writing is over

Every building needs a building log. Simply put, a document that records everything that happens on the construction site.
Construction works, projects, documents, photos. It’s all part of it. Does it seem like a lot of paperwork? That yes. Writing in such a construction diary is time-consuming, impractical and even quite useless these days, because the electronic construction diary completely replaces the paper form. It even has a number of advantages.

From now on, only simply and clearly

Thanks to the modern Imposio application, you can say goodbye to impractical documentation.
Log essential data quickly and with almost one click. Share information when you need to and keep it to yourself when you see fit. Use your mobile phone, tablet or computer to manage the documentation of your dream house. Connect to the app anywhere, anytime. Keep all documents safely stored and organized in one place.

Only thanks to modern technology can you have a perfect overview of construction progress 

Thanks to the electronic construction diary, you know exactly what is currently happening in your dream house, who is working on which task and how much it will cost you.
Forget about lengthy paperwork. Control construction workers, record their attendance, document completed tasks with photos and manage everyone working on the construction site. And all this from the comfort of home. In addition, communicate quickly, assign new tasks efficiently, work to eliminate errors and keep track of everything and everyone.
Printed construction diaries are already a thing of the past. The Imposio application is not only a replacement for a shabby notebook. It is something more. All documents are completely safe in it, it is possible to work with them, edit them, share them with those who need them. Photos, floor plans, projects. You will never lose anything again.

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